Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dear all,
As the teacher whom I teach the blind students Information Technology,

I found this article which expalain how Powerpoint is a best tool for students with visual impairment. I recommend that you go through the following URL then you should agree with me that it is very important for the teachers including me, who teach Visually impaired students.Here is the article;
"The electronic file format allows distribution and modification for/by students unable to be present or who have impaired visual or auditory difficulties. PowerPoint comes with a free viewer programme that can be distributed with the files so that the reader is not required to have PowerPoint on their personal system. However, if they do have it, they are able to perform a greater variety of manipulations on the PowerPoint file provided, such as editing the text, etc before printing it out. Most Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) are now capable of including PowerPoint presentations if required".
Here is the URL,

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  1. Hello Mtani,

    I read the article about "The use and abuse of PowerPoint in Teaching and Learning in the Life Sciences: A Personal Overview by Allan M Jones" that you posted in your blog. I have been in many PowerPoint presentations and some of them tend to be boring since the speaker just reads it. People become tired about it and used to say that they know reading. I didn't know that PowerPoint started for business which is amazing since the competitiveness is important. Well I believe the use that we give to this tool will be the starting point for something really good.



  2. Dear Kheri,

    it's a very interesting thing that this wonderful but quite overused and ordinary tool called powerpoint or Keynote can be used for students with disabilities. I have never thought such a thing is possible, but it's good to know it's there. Thanks for sharing!